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  • Cougars Photo Gallery 1

    Cougars Photo Gallery 1

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    Cougar Virgin – Cougars: Ep #1

    Renee, fresh from her move with her young son Bobby, meets Amy out at a night club who introduces her to the joys of […]

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    Cougar Rules – Cougars: Ep#2

    Renee and Bobby have a heart to heart after he walked in on her and one of his friends. Later, the Cougars break down […]

  • Cougars: Ep#3 - Cougar Courage
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    Cougar Courage – Cougars: Ep#3

    Bobby meets up with Amy at the bar and sparks fly.

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    Wet -n- Wild – Cougars: Ep #4

    Renee is invited to The Cougars pool party and is surprised when she discovers Bobby is a guest. Incoming search terms:wet cougars,Wet Cougar,wild cougars,hot […]

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    Cougars vs. Panther – Cougars: Ep #5

    After their day at the pool, the girls head out to the club again, where they have a confrontation with an old acquaintance. Incoming […]

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    Cougar Obsession – Cougars: Ep #7

    Things get heated when one of Bobby’s friends show up at the house hoping to seduce Renee. Incoming search terms:ironsink cougars cast

  • Cougars: Ep#8 - Best Tip Ever
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    Best Tip Ever – Cougars: Ep #8

    One of the Cougars ropes in the pizza delivery boy and attempts to give him the best tip ever…until they’re interrupted. Incoming search terms:best […]

  • Cougars: Ep#9 - The Stallion
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    The Stallion – Cougars: Ep #9

    The final test for this Cougar-in-training is “The Stallion”…a young stud with a BIG reputation.