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  • Downstairs Guys 2011 Smokin' Hot Yearbook
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    Downstairs Guys 2011 Smokin’ Hot Yearbook

    Doug, Kevin and Ashley had a wild year in 2011 where they came up with lots of crazy videos parodying movies, Justin Bieber, and […]

  • The Upstairs Girls 2011 Yearbook
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    Upstairs Girls 2011 Video Yearbook

    The Upstairs Girls had a crazy year with lots of different wild adventures. Check out all of the craziest moments in this years video […]

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    Model Beach

    Doug and Kevin spend a day at the beach with a sexy bikini model Ashley and Venus Incoming search terms:beach model com

  • Meet the Real THOR
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    Meet the Real THOR

    Thor is making it’s way into theaters on Friday, May 6th and just in time we’ve got an interview with the real Norse god […]

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    Kate’s Royal Wedding Jitters

    Kate Middleton is getting married to Prince William but that doesn’t stop Doug from being a Royal Wedding crasher. Incoming search terms:instrumentb2r,successful1ry

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    DSG Outtakes and Bloopers

    The downstairs guys have had a lot of bloopers and outtakes recently, which amazingly are very similar to some of your favorite bloopers from […]

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    The Downstairs Guys 2010 Interactive Yearbook

    Here’s our annual Year In Review video, where we show you plenty of Ashley, Model ball’s Olive and all the awesome and hilarious moments […]

  • Water War is Hell
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    Water War is Hell

    Today we went to war. Tomorrow…well let’s just hope there IS a tomorrow after a wild and wet water balloon fight with the girls.

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    Ashley Bit My Finger!!

    Today we were checking out some hit viral videos online, and decided to pay tribute to the classic “Charlie Bit My finger” by making […]

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    Sealing the Deal

    Last night Doug finally sealed the deal with his old babysitter the super sexy Jules. About time.