UpstairsGirls | - Part 2
The Upstairs Girls 2011 Yearbook Upstairs Girls Bed Hopper Upstairs Girls Sexy Halloween Costumes

Girlfriend SURPRISE!!

Hardy tells Josie and Michelle that he has a new girlfriend who turns out to be Ashley! Meanwhile Sandy is looking at some old […]

Upstairs Girls 2011 Video Yearbook

The Upstairs Girls had a crazy year with lots of different wild adventures. Check out all of the craziest moments in this years video […]

Upstairs Girls Bed Hopper

When Hardy learns that Jean-Paul may not be who he claims to be, he wakes up a sleeping Michelle to tell her the truth. […]

Upstairs Girls Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Upstairs Girls are getting ready for Halloween by carving their pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns. Meanwhile, Michelle’s new boyfriend thinks her Halloween costume is too […]

The French Kisser

Michelle has a new boyfriend whom she is kissing on the couch when Josie, Sandy, and Hardy come home. Michelle did not expect her […]

  • Upstairs Girls Female Bonding
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    Female Bonding

    Sandy, Josie and Michelle come home from the bar after a night of drinking. The girls are a little drunk when they come home […]

  • Hot! Video

    Sandy and the Hot New Girls

    Hardy escorts Sandy over to the house so Sandy can meet Michelle and Josie. Michelle brings Sandy into the house to show her the […]

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    “Sex on the Beach?”- HD Remaster Upstairs Girls Classic

    Upstairs Girls video classic, Now presented in HD quality : the original version of “Sex On the Beach?” premiered Nov 25 2008. It has […]

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    Yoga Dogs

    Sandy’s sister takes Sandy, DeeDee, Danika, and Doug on a trip to the park to do some yoga.

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    Sex in the Pool?

    Sandy’s old “BFF” Olive gets a little too friendly with Mutt on their trip to the pool, not the beach. When will Mutt catch […]

  • Hot! Video

    Private Girl Talk by the Pool

    Sandy and Melani are pool side when they finally have a secret talk about Mutt and it might change things between Mutt and Sandy […]