Bullies Have Feelings Too

THIS IS A SATIRE. The Downstairs Guys do NOT actually support bullies or bullying. . . . However, Doug thought it would be funny [...]

Why Guys Love Siri

Kevin just got a new iphone 4s and started using Siri. Siri is the new iphone digital personal assistant. See the things that Kevin [...]

How to Train Your Bad Girlfriend

Has your girlfriend gone from a hot sexy babe to a girl who is just a nag? Doug Tomczak’s new book “Woman, Get Me [...]

Mouth to Mouth!!!

Doug and Kevin go to the beach with Ashley, Venus the personal trainer and Ginger the sexy bikini model. Kevin heads into the ocean [...]

Justin Bieber, 10 Years Later

What will Justin Bieber be like in 10 years, find out when we catch up with Justin Bieber in 2021. Think it would never [...]