Ashley’s Pink Boogie

Ashley has a new pink costume that she is trying on as she runs around the town – kicking, punching, leaping and dancing all [...]

Bullies Have Feelings Too

THIS IS A SATIRE. The Downstairs Guys do NOT actually support bullies or bullying. . . . However, Doug thought it would be funny [...]

Sandy’s Farewell to the Upstairs Girls

Sandy is going to find Mutt as he is battling in “the rebellion” – but not before she says goodbye to Josie, Michelle, and [...]

Girlfriend SURPRISE!!

Hardy tells Josie and Michelle that he has a new girlfriend who turns out to be Ashley! Meanwhile Sandy is looking at some old [...]

The Muppets Casting Couch

Ashley loved the new Muppet movie “The Muppets” so much she decided to audition for the role of Miss Piggy in the next Muppet [...]

Upstairs Girls

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Downstairs Guys